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Life Insurance Policy Review

You may be missing something...

You may be missing something...

You’ve spent a long time paying into your insurance policy, and it would be no fault of your own if the policy lapses, rendering you without life insurance. For these reasons, it is important to ensure your life insurance policy is on the right course.

Reasons to have your policy reviewed:

  • Products, much like everything else in the world, have become significantly more efficient
  • You didn't shop your original policy, or just got it from your home and auto agent
  • Major life changes such as marriage, purchasing a house, or having a kid
  • You may not have a need for life insurance, but need long term care insurance
  • Company on original policy hasn’t performed as promised
  • Original agent isn’t servicing and maintaining the case
  • You may not need as much coverage, or you may need more
  • Mortality has often improved, even if the same or slightly worse risk class
  • Policies with loans can still be 1035’d to us at a reduced loan rate

You don’t buy life insurance
because you are going to die,
but because those you love
are going to live.

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At Evans Wealth Planning, we offer independent life insurance consulting. We do not work for any insurance companies, instead we are able to go out into the market to find the best insurance solutions from many companies. Some advisers work for insurance companies and can only offer their company’s products, which inhibits your freedom.

Many do not have the ability to shop around and find the policy that is best for you, but we have this opportunity and can offer you the best choice for your unique financial situation.