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You don’t buy life insurance
because you are going to die,
but because those you love
are going to live.

–Unknown Author

How prepared are you for the unexpected?


We have seen a trend in social media where families use GoFundMe as life insurance. This is not a good way to cover your family's needs after you are gone. GoFundMe will only cover a small fraction of the expenses your family will need to survive after death, if any.

There are many good reasons for purchasing a life insurance policy. And most of us, at some point in our lives, will realize that owning life insurance is very important to ensure our sense of security. Think of it as a safeguard for your family’s quality of life.

Accidents are inevitable, but if you are insured, your car will be repaired or your medical bills will get paid. Life insurance works the same way. It ensures that your family will not suffer the consequence of living without their loved one and their earnings.

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Life Insurance Policy

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Life Insurance Policy

  1. Not as expensive as you may think
  2. Provide a substantial cash benefit to loved ones to replace your lost income
  3. Pay off large debts such as a home mortgage loan, student loan, or credit card debt
  4. Pay for final expenses such as burial or cremation costs
  5. You love your family and want to provide financial peace of mind

There are many factors that go into finding the right policy, and since Evans Wealth Planning of Springfield, Missouri is an independent practice, we can shop from thousands of policies to find the one that is appropriate for you and your family.

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