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Springtime in Springfield: 6 Ways Appreciate the Season

Springtime in Springfield: 6 Ways Appreciate the Season

February 28, 2018

Nothing quite tops Springtime in Springfield, MO. We're situated in the perfect part of the country to create crisp, cool mornings followed by warm afternoons that make for great for hiking, gardening, and all of the above! Here at the office we came up with some activities that will make for a memorable Springtime for 2018. We hope you are able to dabble in all of these before the season's through!

  1. Roam C-Street 

If you've driven down Commercial Street lately you may have noticed the emergence of many more shops, restaurants, and bars. There's plenty to choose from– and that's why it makes for a great way to spend an afternoon or evening strolling through with friends! Stop by antique shops such as Ms. Gilmore's Vintage Suitcase or MJ's Flea Market. If you're in the mood for coffee, have a pour-over at Eurasia Coffee & Tea where 10% of the profits are donated to charitable causes. If you're into wine, you'll definitely want to try a glass of one of Q Enoteca's varied selection. Delicioso¡ 

  1. Take a hike!

Time to end hibernation by taking a hike through the Ozarks! Breathe in that fresh air. We recommend heading to Busic Park that's located half-way to Branson, the Sac River Trail off of I-44, or Shepard of the Hills Trails in Branson. Come prepared with rain jackets, you never know when a spring shower will hit. 

  1. Travel through time

Silver Dollar City unveils a new roller coaster this spring, one that seemingly defies the laws of physics itself. The Time Traveler is stated to be the world's 'fastest, steepest, and tallest spinning roller coaster' that reaches speeds up to 50.3 MPH. If you're a thrill-seeker, this ride's for you! The actual date of its opening is to be determined, but keep in mind it will be soon. Best to start mentally preparing yourself now! 

  1. TREAT 'YO SELF to a spa day 

Since when has Springfield become the spa mecca of the Midwest? Or so it seems, there are many great day spas to choose from that offer a variety of services. Grab a friend and schedule some rejuvenating fun at places like Acadia Spa by Sequiota, Grove Spa on Sunshine and in the University Plaza, or Zen 3 on Pickwick. You can't go wrong with these choices. 

  1. Clean---> but make it fun!

It goes without saying that Springtime is associated with cleaning. And for a good reason; it's a time for renewal. So clean your house, office, or spiff up your yard while playing some loud music to wake up the neighbors. As a bonus, you can even illicit the help of that one crazy friend of yours that actually enjoys cleaning (we all have one)! Not only will the job get done faster, but your life will be much more organized. 

  1. Bird watch!

Calling all ornithologists out there! You know Springfield MO is home to some of the most diverse birds in the country. Not only do we have a population of neotropical migrants, but we have species that are unique to our area such as the Yellow-throated warbler. There are many ways you can see these birds, check out this link to the Audubon Society for ideas on where to best spot them! Don't forget your Sibley guide...