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Cha-ching! Why Taking a Break Could Make Your Richer

Cha-ching! Why Taking a Break Could Make Your Richer

September 04, 2019

 When was the last time you took a vacation?

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One of the best parts about my job is helping my clients improve their quality of life. I am a big believer in taking breaks and keeping stress to a minimum, that’s I welcome clients who are overworked, stressed and tired. Creating financial goals that include taking time off to be with their family, whether at home or on vacation, is one of the best things you can do for your health, mindset, and career. Turning off the noise of everyday life and being able to realign your thoughts can really do wonders for your productivity as well. Every time I come back from a trip, I’m 10X more productive and excited to wake up and head to the office. It’s long-lasting too! It only takes a short vacation to give your spirits the boost they need.  


We all know that person that “hasn’t taken a day off in years” or says things like “vacation is a waste of money”. They might be hardworking and mean well, but these are the people who need vacation the most. Work burn-out is a real thing and trying to be the hardest-working at your job doesn’t always mean you have to work tirelessly without stop for years on end. I’ll say when no one else will– take a break!


Starting a vacation fund is a great place to start. Whether you plan to take a family vacation to Florida or a solo backpacking trip in Wyoming, saving enough to cover the whole trip will prevent you from pulling from your retirement fund or other places. It also prevents financial stress. Plan ahead and make wise decisions about transportation, hidden fees, and unplanned events. You will thank yourself later.


Overall, I think there’s great value in taking time off to be with family and friends and to get your thoughts straight. It’s a great feeling when I see my clients improve their quality of life by prioritizing taking time off. So go ahead, plan that vacation and make the most of your time. Your health and well-being will thank you!


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