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Checklists: The Easiest Way of Staying On-Track

Checklists: The Easiest Way of Staying On-Track

September 04, 2019

Do you ever feel like your life is slipping into a disorganized chaos? How often do you forget to do important tasks, such as picking up the dog from the vet or finding time to buy groceries? Missing these tasks, although may seem minute at first, can quickly add up. For instance, forgetting to pick up groceries may result in you buying Chinese take-out instead of cooking a fresh, healthy meal at home. Chinese take-out is delicious, but it can put your health and money goals into a crunch if you find yourself doing it too much.

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A checklist is not just reserved for that type A person who seemingly have their life together, it is most importantly for those who may be prone to disorganization. That’s most of us! Keeping a checklist is a handy tool to keep you prepared and productive on a day-to-day basis, as you won’t find yourself forgetting to do the simple chores. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a student, or in a career, checklists are an easy thing to incorporate in your day that results in a better quality of life.


Here’s three reasons keeping a checklist can be of benefit in your life:


☑ It can help you form good habits

Habits are not very exciting to talk about, let’s be honest. But they are important, nonetheless. Forming good habits is a gradual process and need some determination to instill. Checklists are a visual reminder to stay on top of your goals, such as walking every day for better health or remembering to call your mom more.

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☑ It can lead to completing a bigger goal

What if a part of your daily checklist was saving $5 a day? For a year? That’s roughly $1,800 in the end! That amount of savings could lead you make a further dent in your debt fund. Or imagine if it was reading one book a month? You could apply all that knowledge to a future creative pursuit or to one day starting your own novel.

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☑ Scratching things off a checklist is basically giving yourself a shot of dopamine

Who doesn’t like scratching things off a list?! It’s been scientifically proven that checking things off of a to-do list can give your brain an increased spike of dopamine, essentially a confidence boost. Once you develop a habit of creating and completing a checklist every day, it will help keep you in a better mindset and can motivate you to do more. So keep crossing off those items!

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Overall, checklists are the underrated tool for keeping you and your family productive and on-track for whatever goals you’re aiming for. There’s no right or wrong way to make one, just start a daily habit and adjust it according to your needs. Huzzuh!