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Guiding Toward Financial Clarity: New Beginnings

October 11, 2023

Guiding Toward Financial Clarity: New Beginnings


In this business, it’s easy to be taken advantage of, let down, and lied to.


We had a meeting with a new client this week who had been let down by someone that they had trusted. When this couple came into the office, as with all new clients, it is our goal to provide transparency, guidance, and the expertise you deserve.


Listening to this story, I could personally empathize with their feelings of being taken advantage of. Their former planner had failed to address fundamental aspects of their financial plan, from taxes to retirement withdrawals to annuities. It was clear that the family needed a fresh start and a new perspective on their financial journey.


As we began our collaboration, my first task was to address her tax situation. This family had been told to withhold significantly more money for taxes than they needed. After analyzing their tax returns, we realized that the amount they were withholding for taxes was crippling their investment returns. Together, we were able to develop something we believe is more tax-efficient strategy with the goal to allow money to stay invested longer and potentially provide better returns


This family had a specific amount they knew they needed per month to live comfortably in retirement, so we devised a plan to provide them the income they needed in the best possible way. We constructed a retirement income strategy that provided a clear and sustainable path for their retirement. Finally, we could start to see some of their uncertainty fade away as their retirement plan became clearer.


Perhaps the most complex issue was unraveling the mystery of the annuity they were sold. The family had been sold an annuity that was completely unsuitable for their situation. Their previous financial planner was presented with an opportunity to receive a commission check and took advantage of that. We walked the couple through what annuities are, what they should be used for, and why the one they were in may not be the best option for them.


In the end, the most gratifying part was hearing the husband say, “I really feel like you were trying to help us through this”. They left with a sense of clarity and a newfound trust in financial professionals. Together we believe we transformed her financial landscape from one of uncertainty and disappointment to a place of clarity, control, and optimism. The family was no longer a victim of financial mismanagement, they were the heroes of their own story, and I am honored to be able to help guide them along this new path.