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The Link Between Your Health & Wealth

The Link Between Your Health & Wealth

August 08, 2017

For anyone who’s made it a goal to get into shape, you know that it takes planning. You have to schedule when you’ll work out, how you'll change your diet, and adjusting the many ways to incorporate healthy habits into your life. You may even have a specific goal of losing weight or gaining strength that can be measurable– in that, you will accomplish the said task in a few months, a year, or however long you decide. Getting fit takes effort, diligence, and commitment for a goal that may not be easy, but will reap many rewards.

Similarly, when it comes to your finances, it turns out that becoming physically fit and financially fit are complementary. It has been proven time and time again that people who take the time to strategize for their financial future, make wise investments, and stick to a budget will be better off in the long run. It takes effort and the right mindset. 

Have you ever experienced the guilt of overeating? How about overspending? The behaviors associated with both arise from the same desire for immediate gratification. When we overeat or overspend, it may give us a thrill today, but tomorrow we will regret our choices, which leads to stress. Along with fighting food cravings, fighting the urge to spend more than you should take a mental exercise of using self-control. Becoming wealthy is a road paved with sacrifices; curbing the impulse to buy today will lead to a richer future.

In a similar manner that building your health and wealth takes self-control, it also takes a regimen. You can’t expect to see results after one workout or rolling in dough after saving for a couple of weeks. Like working out and eating right, becoming finically fit takes time and discipline that isn’t always easy. If you are determined to lose a certain amount of weight, you may find yourself keeping a food diary of all the calories you put in during a day. You can also use the same method for spending; building a healthy regime for your money involves writing down your daily expenses to track where you need to cut back. The ‘calories in, calories out’ mindset is the exact same– if we spend less than we make, naturally our savings will grow. Long-term success is built on tracking your behaviors and making the right changes, becoming wealthy is a marathon– not a race. 

No one is perfect, and it is ok to splurge every now and then. But overall, treating your finances as you do your health is a good way to keep a balance in your life and to alleviate stress. I find that when I treat my body the way it deserves, by making it stronger and eating nourishing foods, it also helps me have a clearer mind with how I manage my money. The correlations between health and wealth are many. It’s a matter of mindset and commitment for long-term goals.